Case Studies
Protection of Patriot Missile Phased Array Radar Set Portable and self-contained dehumidification system for the Army's mobile Patriot Phased Array Radar Set, for deployment to the Far East, resulting in a significant reduction of maintenance requirements as well as system start-up time.
South Street Station, Naragansett Power Company, Rhode Island, USA Cocoon partners with Austin Seaver for energy efficient, long term lay-up of 110MW coal-fired power plant with sealed, dry air protection of more than forty major components.
Parts Storage at Hunter Army Air Field, Alabama Cocoon, Inc. representatives recently had the opportunity to visit and interview a U.S. military client and assess the results of a dehumidification system developed and installed in 2008 at Hunter Army Air Field in Hunter, Alabama.
English Station, United Illuminating, Connecticut USA Cocoon partners with Glennyce Nilsen for lay-up of 75MW power station, including more than 53 major components and advanced monitoring systems, with installation in under three weeks.
Graham Station, Bangor Hydroelectric, Maine USA Cocoon collaborates with client for efficient lay-up of plant using direct dry air dehumidification to each component.
U.S. Rapid Deployment Force, Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean Cocoon designs and installs cooling and humidity control systems in shipping containers for U.S. Military operations based in Indian Ocean, then returns assets to dry air protection.
Portable Dry Air Protection of RAF Interceptors Portable unit dehumidification of Royal Air Force supersonic aircraft stationed in South Atlantic. The reduced corrosion resulted in a substantial increase in MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), lower operating costs and recommendation to extend use to the entire fleet of Phantom aircraft.
Dehumidification of FAF Aircraft A long-term dry air hangar storage was needed for various highly sensitive fixed-wing and rotary aircraft for the French Air Force. As a result, the hangar had significantly increased availability, provided a longer operational life and decreased maintenance requirements.
Shipboard Controlled Humidity Protection System Navy Military Sealift Command Afloat Pre-positioning Force selects Cocoon to design, engineer and install environmental control and monitoring systems for rapid deployment of vehicles, ammunition, weapons and supplies.
Dehumidification and Temperature Control System Marine Terminal Warehouses Cocoon develops climate control system to continuously monitor and control environmental conditions within 2.3 million cubic foot newsprint conditioning facility at commercial marine terminal in coastal Maine.