A Cocoon hangar is not a tent or a temporary shelter, but a fully moveable, built-to-code structure that meets your field challenges. The hangars can be built with temperature and humidity control and ballistics protection. Deployable hangars can be fully operational in as few as 6 days and can be installed rapidly by a team without dependence on crane support. Fixed hangars can be installed in 3 to 12 months at a fraction of the cost of traditional building methods. 

Each of our hangars is proven in harsh environmental conditions including fine airborne sand, wind, wide temperature modifications and driving rain. They provide a building alternative with a number of benefits:

  • Soldier-friendly
  • No clamshell door
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Easily modified and expandable
  • Everything built in, including secure areas, cranes, armament rooms, workshops and HVAC

Our alliance with Rubb Building Systems allows us to engineer the most technically advanced membrane structures—constructed of the highest quality materials. Cocoon hangars give you a different way of building with more flexibility.

  • Specialized and purpose-built for each site
  • Customizable, modular and flexible design
  • May be insulated to accommodate optional HVAC
  • Lighting system and power distribution available
  • Rapid construction; erected in 30 hours by 8 trained personnel
  • Complete environmental control
  • Flame retardant for fire and life safety
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Additional elements available, including lighting and climate control systems, passageways and door configurations.

Deployable Hangars

If you need a hangar now, or you need to move it around, then you would need a deployable hangar. Our deployable hangars are designed for field conditions and are designed to be fit for use.

  • 7-10 day build depending on the model
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Can be fitted with cranes
  • Dependable
  • No to low maintenance
  • Door systems that work
  • Can accept HVAC systems
  • Ships in 20’ containers
  • Larger models can accommodate a Chinook helicopter with blades

Fixed Base Hangars

If you need a hangar for two or more years, or need a large interior span, then you would need a fixed hangar. Our fixed hangars are engineered to a higher standard, designed to be fit for use and have superior building integrity.

  • Post hot-dipped galvanized is close to corrosion proof
  • Frame will not fail
  • Does not use fabric tension as structural integrity
  • Virtually maintenance-free for 20+ years before membrane replacement
  • Allows for clear span widths of up to 300+ feet with a variety of wall heights and bay widths to any length
  • Durable door systems