Fixed-Base: Features

The technology difference in our hangars is based on superior engineering. We build both fixed and deployable hangars for maintenance, parts and storage that are highly customizable, modular and easy to maintain. More importantly, they’re engineered to meet or exceed building codes and fire safety regulations.

Building integrity means something to all of us at Cocoon.

We believe that in the end, the benefits of building it right and not cutting corners far outweigh any short-term profit.

We design for your particular location, situation, and need.

Whatever environment your building will face, we design to assure survivability no matter what happens.

Only the best possible materials will do.

We use the best materials for one reason: to build the best possible structure that incorporates all potential loads.

  • Deployable EFASS
  • Fixed-base
  • Flight Line (DASS)
  • Program-Specific Membrane Buildings