English Station, United Illuminating, Connecticut USA
Upon recommendation from Naragansett Power, United Illuminating engaged Cocoon to help lay up the 75MW English Station. Working with project engineer Glennyce Nilsen, Cocoon used eight Munters Cargocaire dehumidifiers to protect more than 53 major plant components. Installation work on-site was finished in less than three weeks.

In this plant, considerable water remained in the steam system after shut down. In some dry air installations, such water can create problems. As air carries evaporated water through the equipment, moisture can recondense in colder parts of the duct work and steam tubing.

Because the Cocoon data acquisition computer monitors humidity at 26 locations, the start-up technicians were able to “track down” the moisture, feeding more dry air to overly humid sections of the system. Without such attention to detail, excess moisture remains in the plant to corrode components. Cocoon’s service includes these critical post-installations adjustments.