Helicopter Hangars Afloat

Cocoon, Inc., completed three shipboard hangar projects over the last several years on the USNS Hospital Ship Mercy, USNS Hospital Ship Comfort and USNS Stockham. The projects were contracted by Military Sealift Command and each shipboard hangar housed two Blackhawk helicopters. The hospital ships are supporting humanitarian missions in the Pacific and Far East. The USNS Mercy is based out of San Diego, CA and had a critical role in Operation Unified Assistance, the multi-national relief effort which supported many countries in Southeast Asia in the wake of the December 26, 2005 tsunami that devastated that region.

The USNS Stockham hangar was designed to support a critical special mission and was fast tracked. Cocoon was given four weeks to design, manufacture and install the hangar. The hangar was designed to incorporate the ship’s king post but still house two Blackhawk helicopters and withstand nearby helicopter backwash. The hangar passed all performance tests and performed perfectly for the mission. It is important to note shipboard conditions are some of the most challenging conditions to design due to extreme environmental factors, including high winds and rain, ship vibration and motion. Cocoon Inc. partnered with Rubb buildings in the design, engineering and manufacturing of the hangars.

Shipboard Hangar Features:

  • Designed for extreme weather conditions
  • Temporary and yet permanent in nature
  • Relocatable, reusable
  • High performance, fire retardant PCV membrane   
  • Translucent roofing material
  • Passed rigorous evaluation and testing, including trial at sea, helicopter backwash, and fire hose testing prior to deployment
  • Maintained with common tools