Bagram Airfield Fuels Maintenance Hangar, Afghanistan

Cocoon completed in 2009 an installation of a fixed-base maintenance hangar at Bag ram Airfield base in Afghanistan. Developed with Rubb Building Systems for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the hangar is designed to accommodate a C-130 aircraft and has a clear span width of 53m (174’) x 46.6m (153’) wide with a 14m (46’) high pocket door. Zafer Taahhut Insaat was the lead contractor for this successful project.

The hangar will fulfill critical maintenance activities not currently available in Afghanistan and is designed to meet specific clear space, environmental, and load conditions, including: support for suspended equipment, full internal fire protection systems, fuels maintenance systems, supporting utilities, and the ability to withstand 90MPH wind gusts. The project also meets all continental U.S. code requirements for potential re-use and re-location within the continental United States.

Constructed of high strength PVC-coated polyester membrane cladding tensioned over a steel frame structure, the building provides superior stability over traditional exterior-clad building systems. Further, the steel is hot-dip galvanized after the welding process to provide complete corrosion protection. While suitable for permanent use, it can be efficiently relocated, extended or modified for mission flexibility.

While not specifically required to meet Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria, there are unique, environmentallyfriendly attributes associated with the structure. These include: recyclable components; a structural weight that is significantly less than standard construction resulting in reduced transportation and fuel costs; an available translucent roof fabric resulting in reduced in lighting costs; and, although designed to be permanent, it is inherently re-locatable using bolted connections.

About COCOON: For more than thirty years, Cocoon (formerly known as Protec, Inc.) has worked closely with military, marine and industrial clients around the world to engineer and produce solutions that protect mission critical equipment from the costly and detrimental effects of the elements in order to preserve and deliver millions of dollars in return on investment. Cocoon partners with global industry leaders in technology and manufacturing to design and develop, then produce, monitor, and support solutions in three distinct product areas: Cover Systems, Hangars, and Dehumidification Strategies.