Deployable Blackhawk Hangar

Elite Army unit selects Cocoon to provide re-locatable Blackhawk hangar, including training and detailed install ation instructions, with superior results.

An elite Army unit was recently established with several unique requirements. One of these was to autonomously and rapidly build a deployable hangar to accommodate a Blackhawk helicopter in an austere location from which aviation operations could be conducted and then subsequently torn down and redeployed elsewhere.

An installation crew was trained at the manufacturer’s production facility in the United Kingdom and provided with detailed building instructions. The crew consisted of two officers, two warrant officers and five enlisted personnel. Installation occurred approximately six months later in a remote desert location with daytime temperatures in excess of 110 degrees F.

Unique to this application was construction on an asphalt surface rather than a concrete ramp, which required the design and development of a custom ballast kit. The avoidance of long-term investment in that location also resulted in a significant reduction in site preparation costs.

The build was successfully completed in six days.

Following are direct quotes from a letter submitted by the Army’s Commanding Colonel, Aviation:

“The end result is phenomenal; exactly what we required, the structure came together precisely, without any significant issues or short coming. The reliability and fit of each component was top notch.”

“Having first-hand experience with Clamshell Buildings, Alaska Structures, and Sprung Structures… [Cocoon’s product] beats them hands down in all categories of reliability, space utilization, hangar entry, and overall quality. The potential applications of this 20.4m EFASS and its other sizes are exceptional.”

“Brilliant structure, exemplary support, and complete customer confidence in the product are the main characterizations of this structure. I will unhesitatingly recommend these structures for myriad potential applications in our Armed Forces.”