Parts Storage at Hunter Army Air Field, Alabama

Cocoon, Inc. representatives recently had the opportunity to visit and interview a U.S. military client and assess the results of a dehumidification system developed and installed in 2008 at Hunter Army Air Field in Hunter, Alabama.

The facility serves as a storage warehouse for mission-critical aircraft components and other parts vital to mission readiness. On average, an estimated $15-20 million in spare aircraft parts for the U.S. military are actively stored. The typical loss of parts to corrosion had been conservatively projected to be $2.25-3 million annually, or 15% of the standard inventory.

Working in partnership with leading equipment manufacturer Munters Corporation and technical representatives of the Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM), a solution was designed to maintain a controlled environment with less than 45% relative humidity within a temperature range of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This eliminates the environmental conditions which allow the process of corrosion to occur.

The Munter�s Drycool unit that was used employs the most energy-efficient dehumidification process available, substantially reducing operating costs and energy consumption. Other LEED credit-worthy and environmentally-friendly benefits include: providing additional outdoor air ventilation, reducing ozone depletion, the recycling of waste heat and reclaiming of water condensation.

Since installation of the DH/AC system, no newly-stored parts have been �lossed� or written-off due to corrosion, eliminating labor hours associated with reconditioning maintenance and ensuring both mission readiness and safety.

At a cost of approximately $200,000, the return-on-investment achieved is calculated at an impressive 4-5 weeks or at a projected rate of 1,000-1,500% annually.

About COCOON: For more than thirty years, Cocoon (formerly known as Protec, Inc.) has worked closely with military, marine and industrial clients around the world to engineer and produce solutions that protect mission critical equipment from the costly and detrimental effects of the elements in order to preserve and deliver millions of dollars in return on investment. Cocoon partners with global industry leaders in technology and manufacturing to design and develop, then produce, monitor, and support solutions in three distinct product areas: Cover Systems, Hangars, and Dehumidification Strategies.