Five EFASS Deployed to Kandahar Airfield

Based on the successful deployment of the first 25m hangar (December, 2008) for the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) at Kandahar Airfield in Afgh anistan, Cocoon has  now completed installation of an additional fourmore of the EFASS hangars there. They support the efforts of the Canadian Air Force as part of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) security and development operation.

Cocoon met the rigorous selection criteria based on its expertise  and ability to meet the DND’s exacting standards and rapid deployment needs. From design submission through manufacture, shipment and final installation, the entire project was completed in an aggressive 18 weeks. All components were shipped by air in standard 20’ ISO containers with pre-assembled electrical, lighting and overhead crane systems.

The hangars are modular, to allow for shortening or lengthening of sections as mission requirements dictate, and purpose-built to tolerate the extreme climatic conditions. The unique design consists of freestanding vertical spans that are independent of the PVC-coated polyester membrane for superior structural integrity; there have been no known failures of this building type. The cladding itself is flame-retardant and has a 20-year minimum service life before re-cladding as needed. Each insulated hangar is anchored to an existing concrete apron.

The hangar specified has doors at either end and is designed to accommodate either a CH-47 Chinook helicopter with rotor blades open or two Heron NOCTUA UAVs and includes a door lift system operable in design wind conditions.