About Cocoon
Our People
Despite all the technology, engineering and manufacturing resources aligned to support our organization, Cocoon is a people-based company and we would be nothing without a core staff of employees dedicated to ensuring the success of each and every project. From the smallest detail to the largest, our team works collaboratively to support the unique needs of each client from start to finish.
Leo "Chip" CrottyCo-Founder and President


Chip has been a leader in the field of corrosion protection systems and strategies for over 30 years. Under his direction, Cocoon has, since its inception in 1977, come to be recognized around the world as a leading innovator in the corrosion prevention and asset protection. 

He has developed dehumidifcation programs for the Department of Defense and the Department of Transportation. He has also participated in the creation of industry standards for mothballing electric utility plants, and has developed equipment preservation storage standards for the preserva tion of high-value equipment at the job site before installation. 

Chip works directly in the field to find out exactly what the end user needs and then uses that knowledge and understanding to drive the engineering that of solutions. He remains personally involved throughout the lifecycle of each project.


Ray GaffeyVP of Operations


Ray has been an instrumental part of Cocoon for 25 years and is responsible for engineering, design, planning, implementation, contractor logistical support and customer satisfaction. He manages complex installations around the world, including industrial, marine and military preservation and monitoring projects.

Ray was responsible for the simultaneous design and installation of preservation systems in seven pre-positioned MarAd ships stationed at different locations around the world. He also developed the “FleetWatch” control system which monitors ships anchored in the MarAd fleet for fire, flood and intrusion from shore-based computers. Ray has managed more than thirty large-scale utility preservation projects ranging from indefinite, long-term mothballing to peak performance lay-ups.

His experience includes specialized knowledge about OSHA and EPA regulations, as well as local building codes, certifications and insurance regulations.


Mark CrottyStrategic Planning


Mark recently joined Cocoon after spending 30 years in senior management with Procter & Gamble consumer goods giant, Gillette. While there, he held a variety of manufacturing and operations positions, both domestic and abroad, with a particular focus in the areas of supply chain, information systems and product development.

At Cocoon, Mark specializes in identifying opportunities for product applications and enhancements, process planning and assessment, and manufacturing and supply-side logistics. He is also responsible for strategic guidance of both Cocoon’s corporate as well as product development and partnership initiatives.

Mark's methodical approach to finding solutions to complex challenges is based on a well-honed six sigma approach practiced over many years at one of the world’s leading brands.


Kathy McNamaraCover Program Manager

Kathy has an extensive background in clothing design and fitting, and is Cocoon’s textile and fabrication expert. She brings a deep knowledge of materials, pattern making and manufacturing to our diverse line of cover systems.

Kathy manages the on-site team logistics required to ensure proper fit and fasten through a rigorous process of measurement and patterning. She works closely with vehicle and equipment personnel to understand their needs, requirements and concerns for superior usability and effectiveness. 

Once a prototype has been developed, Kathy consults with our suppliers and manufacturers to identify and source materials with the necessary, and often pro prietary, attributes and production techniques. She then works directly with field teams to evaluate strengths and weaknesses before determining the final specifications for each production run, resulting in superior solutions developed through both user input and textile innovation.